The Difference Between OEM & OEM Replacement Filters

The Difference Between OEM & OEM Replacement Filters

Posted by ,11th Aug 2022

The Difference Between OEM & OEM Replacement Filters

OEM vs. OEM Replacement Filters

What is the difference between OEM and OEM replacement filters? The answer to that is nothing - if cross referenced properly. There are very few OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) filter types that are truly different than the OEM replacement filters. Reputable filter suppliers, like Filter Junkie, will not sell a replacement filter for a truly unique technology without offering a disclaimer on differences in performance. In those cases, we will offer the OEM (or Brand Name) product if it truly performs differently or better. The critical component is our database matching our specs to the OEM specifications to ensure identical performance.

In most cases, OEM manufacturers change the color of their filters or come up with some sort of marketing competitive advantage on their filters to differentiate them from OEM replacements and competitive filters. This is done to create or sow doubt in the quality or simply having something different in the filter.

Is this the same as the brand name filter?

One of the biggest questions we get at Filter Junkie is, “is this the same as the brand name filter?”. The answer to that question is yes, we offer the same media types, square footage and pleat spacing as the OEM.

Why does the OEM replacement filter cost less?

The other question is “why is does the OEM replacement filter cost so much less?”. The short answer is we have cut out the middleman, marketing, and specialize in offering high quality at a fair price.

Consider your last trip to the grocery store, for example. They offer a brand name and many store brand or OEM replacements. In a lot of cases, you get the same taste and quality in something that costs 50% less. Same concept here. If we can offer the same performance and save you 50% on your annual maintenance costs, it is worth it. There are always going to be those who want to buy the brand name at the higher price. But our opinion is why not give Filter Junkie a shot?

We are the filtration experts

We guarantee all the products we sell, so there is no risk to your company. We believe in our product so much so that we offer free returns and if your filter isn’t in stock you get 25% off. Our filters will be the right filter and the right fit – the first time. Talk directly to one of team members or chat with us online and we will get you the filter that you need.