My Dust Collector Filters Don’t Last as Long as They Used To

My Dust Collector Filters Don’t Last as Long as They Used To

Posted by ,16th Aug 2022

My Dust Collector Filters Don’t Last as Long as They Used To

One common pain point we hear from people in the market of buying new industrial filters is that their dust collector filters don’t last as long as they used to. If this is happening to you, what could be causing the problem? There are several potential reasons for this to happen.

The application has changed

Somehow, something in the process has changed. This can cause environmental issues that affect the life of the dust collection cartridges. For example, on a metal cutting application, perhaps the metal supplier changed, and the new supplier used a different type (or more) of an oil or rust inhibitor on the surface of the metal that clogs up a filter. Or we have seen different additives to a process.

Check your filter cleaning system for moisture

This is a common issue that our filtration experts see. Most dust collectors use compressed air to clean the filters. Sometimes failures in a compressor allow water or oil to pass through into the compressed air. This is why it is highly recommended to have compressed air coalescing filters and dryers so the air being used to clean the filters is completely free of moisture or oil.

Poor Quality replacement filters

There is a difference in media type and manufacturer qualities. Always buy a high-quality replacement filter like the ones offered at Filter Junkie.

Different Type of Filter

Make sure you use the correct filter for the job. For example, if you had been using nanofiber and went with a lower cost cellulose filter the last changeout, that could easily account for a 25% reduction or more in filter life. We have a team of experienced professionals who can guide you in finding the best filter for you.

Get Your Fix

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