Types of Filter Media

Types of Filter Media

Posted by ,2nd Aug 2022

Types of Filter Media

Why you need to know your filter media

In order to filter your air correctly you need to know what media you would need. There are a multitude of filter media selections for dust collection.

The most common are 80/20 Media. This media consists of an 80% Cellulose, 20% spunbond polyester base. This is a good media for most applications and the most common generic filter media in dust collection. The addition of the spunbond polyester component adds strength and moisture resistance to the original 100% cellulose cartridges of old school dust collection cartridges. This helps with filter longevity, cleaning, and efficiencies. Most 80/20 medias are MERV 13 rated and available in fire retardant or non-fire-retardant configurations. Typical efficiencies (by weight) exceed 99.9% down to 0.3 microns.

Nanofiber filters

Nanofiber is considered a premium or best technology in comparison to 80/20 media in most cases. The manufacturers of nanofiber basically take a standard 80/20 or cellulose based media and overly or impregnate a layer of “nano” fibers, which are very small particles. This makes the media highly efficient and more cleanable-both factors that are highly desirable in dust collection. For this reason, nanofiber has become the most recommended filter media in dry dust applications. In layman’s terms, a nanofiber filter typically lasts 10-20% longer than an 80/20 filter because of the superior cleanability of the filter. At MERV 15 ratings, it also offers a higher efficiency. Typical efficiencies (by weight) exceed 99.99% down to 0.3 microns. It is also available in a fire retardant or non-fire-retardant configuration.

Spunbond Polyester

In areas of dust collection where high abrasion resistance or moisture resistance is needed, the most common go to media is 100% spunbond polyester. This is a highly durable media that holds up well to abrasives such as aggregates or concrete. It also can be ordered in a hydro-oleophobic configuration that is highly moisture resistant. In some cases, this even allows the filters to be washed multiple times to further extend life cycles. Typically, spunbond poly filters are a MERV 11 rated filter media. Typical efficiencies (by weight) exceed 99% down to 0.3 microns.

Other medias

While these three media are the most common, there are hundreds of other examples. In specialty applications, there are also carbon impregnated medias for electrostatic dissipation, NOMEX for fireproof applications, 100% Cellulose (paper) for economy applications, blends of all the above with nanofibers in very specific applications. For some crossover applications with moisture and hydrocarbons (oily) there are also blends of fiberglass and synthetic medias.

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